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30th-Dec-2020 10:46 pm - Friends Only
[Phantom of opera] Past the point of no

Comment to be added. And I'll add you back sweeties !

                           This journal  is F-locked. 

This journal have random R/L and random long posts about the fandom I'm following. Sometimes I can write fanfiction or upload some media. But nothing special at all. I love to know people in fandom, so you can add me if you wanted to.

F/O banner by colorfancy
4th-Aug-2010 07:46 pm - Help, please.
[YuGiOh] facepalm
It may sound like a newbie question, but... I need to ask.

Im trying to use this:


Whenever I change my primary DNS to the DNS descried in the site and save the settings, an error message shows up and I cannot save those settings.

Someone could please help me find what Im doing wrong.
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